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Bill Evans



“Bill Evans does for the five-string banjo what Van Gogh did for colour . . .treats it in a different way and then shares it with you. And his recent release 'In Good Company' is a virtuoso master class in exploring bluegrass from the tradition to the far edges of alternative.” —Tom Franks, FolkWords

 “Not content to regurgitate a rehash of banjo clichés, Evans walks out on the limb and takes control of the entire tree.” —Pete Kuykendall, Bluegrass Unlimited

 “It's one thing to be a strong progressive banjo player; another to excel at the traditional end of the spectrum. To be able to add an indelible mark to the whole history of the instrument is getting ridiculous. High kudos to Bill Evans.” —Tony Trischka

 “The banjoist has a world view shared by a precious few. It shows in the breadth of his own bluegrass playing and, especially, through his composing. Evans infuses his work with hints of jazz, classical and music of other realms, all fitting snuggly into his conception of the bluegrass sound. ” —David Royko, The Chicago Tribune

 “One of the best banjo pickers on the planet.” —Mark Wittington, San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 2006